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Reimagining Government in the United Kingdom

Helping government to listen, learn and adapt

Supporting governments to listen, learn and adapt

The CPI team in the UK believes in the potential of government to achieve better outcomes for EVERYONE. We are helping government and public sector organisations to tackle the complex challenges they face, equipping changemakers with the confidence, tools and mindsets to listen, learn and adapt in these fast-changing and unpredictable times.

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Inclusive, collaborative and empathetic 

We believe that government can and must be more inclusive, collaborative and empathetic. 

We help organisations to really listen to people, especially the seldom heard, to find solutions together. We are your journey partners as you seek to turn closed-off, siloed systems into collaborative, human governments that are always listening, learning and adapting. We help you rethink how power is shared, how change happens and how people can work together inside organisations and with citizens so that decisions are made closer to those impacted, with those impacted.

The challenge

The UK’s future depends on trust, relationships, hearing everyone and making meaningful change happen in real time.

In all the noise it is hard to hear the good ideas that exist and make them happen. Systems need to be open and adaptable to ever more complex challenges and be able to act rapidly, but trust is declining and voices are being squeezed out. We all need to listen, learn and adapt together.

We can help you do that safely, to try a new approach with confidence and support so that government can be both effective and legitimate.

Changemakers we've partnered with

We help government, their partners and all changemakers to listen, learn and adapt so that power is shared and decisions are made closer to those impacted, with those impacted. 

Whether you work in government, public sector, the third sector or are a foundation seeking to be both effective and legitimate in order to shift thinking towards a more human government, we can help. 

Explore some of our recent work to see how you can access the confidence, tools and mindsets to bring about better outcomes for everyone.

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Practical ways to help you listen, learn and adapt

Whilst we work with you to define what you need from us, we can also offer

Learning to listen workshops

Our workshops help you prepare to listen to your communities differently and inclusively, helping you really understand why it matters

Safe spaces for conversation

Listening exercises in inclusive safe spaces that we co-design with you and citizens

Sense making

Making sense of what is heard using strengths-based approaches and ‘no sense making about me without me’ approach

Scaling up listening

Deliberative methods so conversations become collaborative action and decisions that can be 

Human Learning Systems

We can bring you new thinking in public management that is right for the times - The Human Learning Systems approach.

Learn more about Human Learning Systems


We produce and partner with organisations to host events that broaden your horizons, thinking and experience.

Literature reviews & case studies

Research, insights and lessons from the key issues that matter to government from around the world.

Meaningful measurement

Helping you understand how to measure meaningfully, fail forward and experiment together.

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