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Reimagining government in Asia

Shaping a future where government transcends traditional boundaries and embraces innovation, inclusion, and holistic development for the betterment of all.

Changemakers we partner with

We collaborate with a diverse range of changemakers to reimagine government in Asia so that it works for everyone.


We collaborate with all levels of government to co-create and implement innovative policies and practices.


We partner with philanthropies and funds to leverage their resources and expertise in driving social change and supporting initiatives that improve public impact.

International Development Organisations

We work alongside international development organisations to address complex challenges, share knowledge, and enhance public impact through sustainable and inclusive initiatives.

Social Impact Organisations

We collaborate with social impact organisations to amplify collective efforts, share best practices, and co-design innovative solutions.

Networks and Alliances

We engage with networks and alliances to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action.

Think Tanks & Social Impact Institutes

We collaborate with think tanks and social impact institutes to conduct research, develop thought leadership, and share insights.

Individual Changemakers

We engage with changemakers passionate about creating social impact, amplifying their efforts and contributions to the broader public impact agenda.

Our offerings

Communicate and assess impact

Evaluate and communicate the human-centric impact of public policies, initiatives, campaigns, and organisations.

  • Storytelling and narrative techniques

  • Human-centric impact captured beyond quantitative indicators

  • Participatory approaches giving voice to vulnerable communities

  • Amplify portfolio impact through communications assets

Collective sensemaking

Harness collective wisdom, insights, and experiences of diverse stakeholders to make informed decisions and co-create innovative solutions.

  • Equity and context centred events

  • Experienced facilitators

  • Participatory tools and gamification

  • Translation of CI sessions into action plans

Advance social impact

Support in driving meaningful change and pivoting investment priorities to respond to global challenges effectively.

  • Contextualise vision into investment priorities

  • Portfolio assessment tools and templates

  • Global thought leadership and research

  • Institutionalise processes and systems

  • Align investment portfolio to regional or thematic priorities

Capacity building

Develop skills and knowledge, and foster collaborative communities to drive innovation and learning in the public sector.

  • Immersive learning and gamification

  • Participatory facilitation

  • Develop and nurture communities of practice

  • Action-learning

  • Institutionalisation of the learnings

Our approaches

  • Human Learning Systems

    The Human Learning Systems approach emphasises a holistic and collaborative method of learning. HLS encourages diverse perspectives, continuous feedback loops, and adaptive practices to foster innovation and improvement.

  • Sensemaking

    Sensemaking is a participatory process that helps individuals and organisations navigate complex situations by actively seeking information, identifying patterns, and interpreting data.

  • Action-learning

    Action-learning is an iterative and participatory approach that combines practical action, reflective inquiry, and stakeholder engagement to drive learning and embrace innovations in organisations.

  • Adaptive management

    Our adaptive management approach encourages organisations to view uncertainty as an opportunity for learning and improvement. We emphasise the importance of continuous monitoring, evaluation, and feedback loops to enable real-time course correction and informed decision-making.

  • Immersive learning and gamification

    We enhance learning by simulating real-world scenarios and enabling active engagement with complex challenges. These immersive and transformative learning approaches foster experiential learning, critical thinking, and collaboration by providing a safe space to test strategies and learn from consequences.

  • Storytelling

    Storytelling unites everyone in collective problem-solving. By empowering communities, it amplifies the voices of those marginalised and promotes inclusivity and social equity.

Our learning partners

We are working with government departments, academic institutions, international development organisations, and foundations across Asia to explore how government could be more effective and trusted to work for everyone.

Let's talk

Are you ready to reimagine government in Asia with us? Get in touch, and let’s discuss how we can work together.