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Featured Event

Conference – Desafio Brasil

When: Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With the theme of Building a Digital Brazil, the event brought together government ministers, civil servants, academics, and practitioners to discuss the digital economy, digital society, and digital government. CPI’s Adrian Brown gave the keynote on speech on the topic of digital disruption, making the case that government must unleash the full disruptive power of digital, or risk being undermined. We also facilitated a working session, where practitioners used the Public Impact Fundamentals as a framework to discuss digital government challenges.

CPI’s events and roundtables promote debate and draw out the experiences that lead to a greater understanding of how public impact can be achieved. Ours is a global forum where leaders can learn, share ideas and inspire each other to achieve better outcomes for citizens. If you would like to learn more, or have an idea for a new event, then find out how we help.

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