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It’s time to reimagine government

Citizens, public servants, and other changemakers are shaping a new future for government – one that embraces complexity, values relationships and prioritises learning.

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We are the Centre for Public Impact

We believe in the potential of government to bring about better outcomes for people. Yet, we have found that the systems, structures, and processes of government today are often not set up to respond to the complex challenges we face as a society. 

That’s why we have an emerging vision to reimagine government so that it works for everyone. We act as a learning partner for governments, public servants, and the diverse network of changemakers leading the charge to reimagine government. We work with them to hold space to collectively make sense of the complex challenges we face and drive meaningful change through experimentation and learning.

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Your learning partner

As a learning partner, we help organisations to build their own capacity to learn, typically by supporting them to centre all of their work in experimentation, data gathering, sensemaking, reflection and reflexivity.

We can help organisations hold themselves to account for their learning, and can also perform convening roles to build relationships between people, organisations, and systems, so that shared learning can take place. 

Keep learning central

Learning partners help keep learning central, which is critical for governments and changemakers dealing with complex challenges.

Learn through the journey

Learning partners also learn themselves through the journey, and share learning more widely so others can benefit.

Changemakers we’ve partnered with

We put our vision for government into practice through projects and partnerships that align with our values and help make our vision for government a reality.

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Human Learning Systems International Community of Practice launch event

Join us on Thursday 2nd December, 12-2pm GMT for the virtual launch of the Human Learning Systems International Community of Practice.

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