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We have a simple and effective way to help you achieve public impact

We understand how hard it is to break through complexity and create public impact. To make achieving public impact easier, we’ve developed the Public Impact Fundamentals, a framework to increase the chances of a policy or initiative being successful.

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The Public Impact Fundamentals Framework

When it comes to public impact, there are three things that matter most – Legitimacy, Policy and Action. We call these the Public Impact Fundamentals.

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  • Legitimacy

    Legitimacy is the deep reservoir of support a government needs to be effective. It is influenced by the level of public confidencestakeholder engagement and political commitment behind an initiative.

  • Policy

    Policies differ in scope and scale but the quality of the policy is what matters. How can governments achieve this? By defining clear objectives, considering the suitable evidence and assessing feasibility.

  • Action

    Without action, a policy is just a plan. Turning an idea into impact requires good management and measurement mechanisms to be in place, as well as an alignment of interests of those actors required to make change happen. Only then will an idea become a reality.

We can help you apply the Fundamentals to achieve positive public impact

Those who work in the public sector have the power to improve the lives of people everywhere. We have extensive experience working with organisations, governments and universities around the world to help strengthen their public impact. We’re committed to working with organisations and individuals that share our values and believe in the positive power of governments.

Our tools, training resources, content, case studies, and events are all geared to helping you cut through complexity, get the answers you need and achieve positive outcomes for people everywhere.

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We’ve worked with more than fifty governments and their partners in twenty countries sharing lessons on how to break through the complexity and achieve positive public impact.

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