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Reimagining government in Europe

We believe in the potential of governments to support everyone to thrive

But government models built on the New Public Management paradigm -  of “markets, managers and metrics” - are broken and in urgent need of reform. This way of working makes it much harder for governments to help people create good outcomes in their lives.

Our team in Europe supports those working in and around government by acting as a learning partner. In this role, we support changemakers to bring about a transformation in public management practice. We believe this transformation is necessary for our vision for government to be realised, and ultimately, for governments to work better for everyone.

What we do in Europe

As a charity, we work with people in government, the public sector and civil society, to build the mindsets, knowledge, skills and tools needed to bring about a transformation in public services. 

Our support is focused on achieving three objectives:

Reimagining relationships between government, people and planet 

We research, develop and test inclusive approaches to community engagement to help strengthen relationships between government, people and the environment. 

We work with partners from across systems to help them work better together and with their communities.

For instance, we collaborated with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to develop our understanding of the most effective methods to engage the public around climate change.

Redesigning public services

We work with partners to redesign public services, so that relationships are prioritised and people’s needs are put first. We are building significant expertise in children’s and adult social care, physical and mental health, multi-agency working and many other areas. Our partners include the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Warrington and Wandsworth local authorities, Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear (CNTW) NHS Trust.

CPI has also contributed significantly to the development of the Human Learning Systems approach. This is a radically different way of doing public management that is being pioneered by 50+ organisations and was created by our visiting Professor Toby Lowe. We are supporting public sector organisations to apply the Human Learning Systems approach, and learn more about what this could mean for those they serve.

Building learning environments 

We create tools, frameworks and resources for partners, to enable them to test and experiment with new ways of working and make learning central to their work. 

Experimentation and learning are both the method and strategy for change. We have described this approach in terms of “learning as management strategy”. We are supporting partners to centre learning and experimentation in their work, such as the United Nations Development Programme, Collaborative Newcastle, and The Centre for Ageing Better.

Who we work with

We’ve worked with public sector organisations, government, academic institutions, charities and foundations across Europe to explore how we can make government more effective and trusted to work for everyone.

Partner testimonials

"CPI worked with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) to understand effective ways to engage the public on meaningful behaviour change that can aid in achieving net-zero emissions goals. CPI was able to activate its network and deep knowledge to interpret our brief and deliver a sophisticated output that resonated with policy-makers and practitioners."

Andrew Barnett OBE, Director, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)

"CPI has been invaluable to Frontline and has filled our skill gaps patiently and expertly through a partnership of equality where Frontline can bring its subject matter expertise and its networks, with CPI contributing expert project management, government relations abilities and policy excellence. Without CPI we would not have advanced our “Blueprint for Children's Social Care” to a live test and learn site."

Callum Ross, Head of Fellowship, Frontline

Meet the team

We are an experienced international team of former civil servants, researchers, and communicators who are passionate about reimagining government. 

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Beatriz Cano Buchholz

Programme Manager, Europe

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Chandrima Padmanabhan

Programme Manager, Europe

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Katie Rose

Director, Europe

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Ruth Ball

Programme Manager, Europe

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Toby Lowe

Visiting Professor in Public Management

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Aurora Horwood

Head of Communications, Europe

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Are you ready to reimagine government with us? Get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.

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