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Let's reimagine climate action together

The Centre for Public Impact is partnering with local governments across the world to test new innovative approaches to climate action.

Challenging the climate clock

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, and erased completely by 2050, is a vast, complex, and collective challenge without precedent. Only governments can mobilise the cross-sector collective action we need.

A path to emission reduction

We believe cities, which account for more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, present the most significant opportunity to slow climate change.

While many local governments have ambitious climate action plans, they struggle to put them into action and are not on target to meet their goals.

Acting now to save tomorrow

City governments are not set up for the cross-cutting, systemic nature of the climate challenge. Urban climate action often languishes in the planning phase, and communities – especially those whose needs have been historically ignored by their governments – continue to suffer the consequences of inaction.

We can help.

We support local governments in developing innovative approaches to climate action that can accelerate the achievement of net zero and adaptation goals.

How we help

Our work focuses on four key opportunity areas that are critical to accelerating climate action in cities.

Organisational transformation

Governments need to collaborate and experiment to respond to the complex, systemic problems of climate mitigation and adaptation. However, most lack these critical capabilities.

We’ve worked with governments in King County, Washington State and Long Beach, California, to support organisational transformations and capability building.

Examples of our work:

Systemic climate finance

Many cities have a climate action plan but no funding. Even when cities have funds, they often don’t spend it in a way that drives transformative change.

Our team is exploring how a systems-based approach to investment can close the urban climate finance gap.

Examples of our work:

Building legitimacy

Building zero-carbon resilient cities will require radical transformation. This level of change is difficult to imagine, resulting in inaction and short sighted, incremental decisions.

We help governments bring people together to co-create a compelling vision for resilient, net zero communities.

Examples of our work:

Information and learning

Governments, businesses, and residents often lack critical information to inform climate mitigation and adaptation.

We facilitate cross-industry learning so governments can learn from each other and make high impact climate decisions, and support innovation competitions that can accelerate action.

Examples of our work:

Let's work together for a greener future

We are actively seeking partners across the public, private, and social sectors to identify and test new approaches to accelerate climate action.