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Helping European workers benefit from AI’s potential

In collaboration with the Centre for Public Impact, is supporting workers across Europe who are most impacted by workforce transitions brought on by AI. A wide range of nonprofit and civil society organizations reaching those workers will be selected through a €15 million open call. Successful applicants will receive extensive and bespoke training in local languages based on foundational AI courses designed by Google and external partners and cash support.

How it works

The AI Opportunity Fund is an AI skilling initiative designed to equip workers, especially those who need more support to upskill themselves, with the foundational AI knowledge and tools needed for long-term positive professional outcomes.

A wide range of organizations that reach those workers can apply for support, including trade unions and trade bodies, municipalities, nonprofits, and professional associations.

Successful applicants will receive comprehensive training based on Google and external AI courses, cash support, and the option for additional tailored support to facilitate training.

Who can apply

  • A wide range of nonprofit and / or public interest organizations or social enterprises such as, but not exclusive to, trade unions and trade bodies, municipalities and civic institutions, nonprofits and professional associations, and further and higher education institutions involved in professional upskilling;

  • Registered in any of the EU-27 member countries, UK, or Ukraine (excluding Crimea, the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”), and the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (“LNR”));

  • Have a mission to support workers as part of their core activities and a proven track record of reaching and running programs for workers from underserved communities who require additional support;

  • Can demonstrate an established, trusted relationship with underserved groups, including an understanding of their needs and how to remove any barriers they face;

  • Have a commitment to life-long learning;

  • For profit entities without a social impact purpose are not eligible for this fund.

Why apply

Guidance and Support

Successful applicants will receive expert guidance and support to ensure the effective implementation of AI training programs, and maximize impact for workers. 

Tailored Training Programs

Access tailor-made training programs, crafted to meet the needs of workers seeking to adapt and thrive in an AI-influenced job market. 

Financial Assistance

Gain access to essential financial support to enable workers to fully engage in and successfully complete the training programs.

Networking and Collaboration

Join an international network of organizations dedicated to supporting workers and driving positive change. Collaborate and share best practices to amplify the impact of your initiatives.

Applications are closed

Applications for the AI Opportunity Fund: Europe are now closed. We’re currently reviewing applications, and selected organizations will be announced in December 2024.

Watch our information workshop

Are you thinking about applying to the AI Opportunity Fund: Europe?

Watch a recording of our information workshops to learn more about the application process and how your organization could benefit from bespoke training and cash support to make a difference to workers across Europe.

Who we are​

The Centre for Public Impact is a global not-for-profit that supports governments, philanthropy, civil society and communities to reimagine government so it works for everyone. We act as a learning partner, working collaboratively with leaders, teams and organisations to change how they work.


Applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the Centre for Public Impact. Applications will then be recommended by the panel to, prior to signing a funding agreement with the Centre for Public Impact. 

Applicants will be evaluated against criteria including ability to demonstrate strong connections with underserved groups and an understanding of their needs and the barriers they face, commitment and vision for life long learning, and scalability of training. 

The scope, duration and delivery details of the training, including any involvement of external training partners, will be defined in collaboration with the Centre for Public Impact and Applicants, and formalised in a Training Agreement. 

Applicants must run the training program for underserved workers between January 2025 and October 2026. In terms of impact, applicants should aim to train at least 50 workers before October 2026.

  • Application opens: 11th April, 2024 

  • Information workshops: April, May and June 2024 

  • Application deadline: 23:59 CEST on 28th June 2024

  • Notification of selection: December 2024 

  • Program Commencement: January 2025

Applications must be submitted in English, and Applicants should have at least one staff member with English proficiency to engage with the Centre for Public Impact to define the training agreement. We expect training to end beneficiaries to be delivered in local languages in each country.

The information provided to the Centre for Public Impact will be used in accordance with the Centre for Public Impact Privacy Policy. Any data held by Submittable will be stored and used in accordance with Submittable’s Privacy Policy.

If your application is not selected, the Centre for Public Impact will delete personal data from your application within 6 months of the application window closing. 

If your application is successful, the Centre for Public Impact will retain your personal data for the purpose of communicating with you regarding your Funding and any reporting expectations of your organization. 

At any time, you may request to delete and substitute your contact information with another member of your organization by contacting

You can view the full terms and conditions here.

For additional questions, please email

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