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We believe in the power of stories.

Stories help us understand complex ideas, connect us, and allow us to imagine a better future. We support governments and public services to embrace storytelling in their work to:

  • Connect with communities and build trust

  • Understand complex problems

  • Evaluate impact and learn

Storytelling workshops

We know that people who do government and social impact work want to use storytelling in their work. But it can be tricky to get started.

Join one of our free online storytelling taster workshops to learn more about how stories can play a role in what you do.

Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

May 21
3.30pm, Melbourne time, AEST

Europe & Africa

May 22
10am, London time, BST

North America

May 22

1pm, New York time, EDT


May 23

2.30pm, Mumbai time, IST

Meet the team

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Aurora Horwood

Head of Communications, Europe

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Carmella Grace De Guzman

Global Manager, Storytelling & Communications

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Elysa Neumann

Director, Communications & Storytelling, North America

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Pravallika Valiveti

Global Senior Manager, Knowledge, Learning and Impact

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Rosie McIntosh

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Storytelling in action

What does the British Post Office scandal tell us about stories and government?

The British Post Office scandal is a stark reminder of the power of storytelling and why governments should listen to stories meaningfully.

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Storytelling for systems change

What does it take for government and philanthropy to listen to stories meaningfully?

Together with Dusseldorp Forum and Hands Up Mallee, we've been exploring the role of storytelling in systems change.

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Pathways through liberation

The University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab has been working with survivors of modern slavery to understand, document, and share their experiences of receiving support through the UK’s National Referral Mechanism.

We supported the Rights Lab with workshops to make sense of research findings and bring survivors and practitioners together to design alternative approaches to the current NRM system.

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Podcast: Storytelling and Government

In this episode, we explore how telling and listening to stories can help to reimagine government.

We’ll hear about how one man’s story of caring for his mother ignited a cultural shift in how stories are embedded in Scottish public services, and how a controversial fruit is helping to break down barriers between communities in Indonesia. 

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Listening as a tool to reimagine governance: Madina and Padma’s story

How do we listen effectively?

Explore how different types of listening can help to offer solutions, reflect, engage, or collaborate.

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Who doesn't like tagging cars? A story of innovation in Calgary government

Calgary, Canada participated in the Innovation Training Program to adopt cutting-edge innovation techniques that engage residents in testing, adapting, and scaling ideas with the potential for long-term impact.

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Get involved

If you’re interested in learning more about using storytelling in your work, contact us.