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Catalyzing change across North America

We believe in government's potential to achieve better outcomes for all people

Our team in North America partners with aligned organizations and institutions to identify, understand, and share knowledge on some of the most critical challenges in the region.

We turn insights into action by working on-the-ground with local governments to increase engagement and co-creation with residents, innovate for more effective and responsive governance, and build inclusive systems that prioritize the flourishing of all people and the planet.

The challenge

From political divisions to technological shifts to climate change, the problems facing society are complex and urgent. 

To solve them, governments must demonstrate effectiveness and legitimacy. These two principles, however, are interdependent. 

When government is not effective in delivering outcomes it erodes perceived legitimacy and, vice versa, when government is not seen as legitimate it lacks the support to innovate for better outcomes.

What we do

We work with governments and change agents to build the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to improve outcomes for residents and increase trust in government.

See some of our latest work below:

Featured progams

Opportunity to Impact

Working with the Beeck Centre for Social Impact + Innovation to create a tool for evaluating an investments potential for positive impact

Learn more

Built for All

Working with Mastercard Centre for Inclusive Growth to create a global framework for building inclusive economies.

Learn more

Fail Foward

Working with the Aspen Institute Centre for Urban Innovation to build a framework for fostering innovation in the public sector.

Learn more

Future of Cities

Working with Aspen Institute to explore how US cities are innovating to achieve impact.

Learn more

Partner testimonials

The CPI team has an unparalleled ability to translate big ideas into compelling action steps that lead to change. The deeply understand how to serve local governments, and all of their products and workshops are designed to inform and inspire local government innovators. Working with them is intellectually demanding and thoroughly enjoyable.

Jennifer Bradley, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Centre for Urban Innovation

CPI is an exceptional partner for those seeking to produce thoughtful and rigorous research. Our work on the West Philidelphia Skills Initiative resulted in one of the best institutional case studies I've seen.

Bruce Katz, Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University Read more about the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

We really value our partnership with CPI and are grateful for their help towards our shared mission of increasing economic prosperity for all, particularly directing capital to overlooked communities. I'm always proud to walk into a room with CPI.

Jen Collins, Fellow in Residence, Beeck Centre for Social Impact and Innovation

Partnering with CPI should be part of every government’s playbook. From the wealth of resources, case studies, and reports to the amazing people behind them, CPI is equipping governments with the tools they need to be successful, to “innovate with intention,” and provide better services for the communities they have committed to serve. You’ll only find yourself wondering why you hadn’t engaged CPI sooner in your journey!

Marguerite Jones, Assistant Director, Community Development, Tarrant County

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