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Join us to help reimagine government

We’re always on the lookout for motivated individuals to jump on board and help us work with the changemakers who are reimagining government.

Working at the Centre for Public Impact

Join our highly motivated team working worldwide to promote a more effective and more legitimate government.

At the Centre for Public Impact, we are...

Telling the story

By constantly seeking and sharing emerging insights for how government can be reimagined, and drawing them together to form a compelling and inspiring new vision for government.

Supporting the journey

By providing practical tools, training and hands-on support for those seeking to reimagine government to give them the confidence to act.

Building a movement

Of changemakers around the world so they can learn from one another and gain mutual inspiration.

Our values


We have the courage to speak the truth, to challenge without fear and tackle the difficult questions


We respect differences, we seek to understand them and we look out for one another


We are positive about what we and governments can do for our societies

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We are non-partisan, we work together and seek ideas and solutions across the divides

Flexibility with responsibility

At CPI, we believe that an indispensable part of doing great work is having the ability to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

We encourage staff to take Paid Time Off/Annual Leave throughout the year, as well as an extended leave of absence when major life circumstances call for it.

We also believe that we need to be aligned on the what of our work but can be flexible in how this work is accomplished in any given week.

We describe this idea as “flexibility with responsibility”.

Clear roles and goals

Each of us knows what our job is and what constitutes success for ourselves and our teams.

Shared success

We seek to explicitly balance our own needs with the broader team’s needs at any given time and we are incentivised not just by our own success but also by the success of those around us.


Each of us takes ownership for managing our time and our responsibilities as well as planning for time to rest and play.

Shared culture-building

We each participate in creating and expecting a culture where we can ask for help when we need it without judgement, fear, or penalty, and where we proactively offer help, feedback, and support to each other.

Measuring "the right things"

Instead of defaulting to measuring “total hours worked in a week,” we want to measure things like “work delivered well,” and “our individual and collective learning and growth,” and “the advancement and realisation of our mission and vision.”  

Promoting balance

Each of us should be challenged with ambitious goals - we shouldn’t consistently be working into exhaustion, nor should we consistently have too little that we’re motivated and challenged to accomplish.

In it together

All of us agree to collaborate and communicate to support our collective flourishing in general, including when scheduling our work and our time away from work.

Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

To advance our purpose of reimagining government so that it works for everyone, CPI seeks to attract and support a diversity of backgrounds, experience, talent, and thought. We commit to struggling with the conflicts inherent to what we do, openly and transparently, with the hopes that by doing so, the solutions can have a ripple effect far beyond our organisation's

boundaries. In reimagining government, we must commit to centering historically underrepresented communities voices in all of the work that we do.

Diversity enriches our commitment to a more just society and enhances our ability to enact change so governments can help societies to better respond to complex challenges.

Read our full policy on diversity, equity and inclusion


There are currently no open vacancies

Check back soon for new opportunities to join our team.

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