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Partnering for Learning

We put our vision for government into practice through learning partner projects that align with our values and help reimagine government so that it works for everyone.

What is a learning partner?

At CPI, we are actively researching how we can improve public services, government failure and success, as well as collecting stories of inspiration and insights from changemakers building better government.

Through our work, we’ve learned that government needs to centre learning and relationships to help adapt to the complex challenges we face.

We act as a learning partner for governments, public servants, and the diverse network of changemakers who are leading the charge to reimagine government so that it works for everyone.

A learning partner helps organisations to build their own capacity to learn, typically by supporting them to centre all of their work in experimentation, data gathering, sensemaking, reflection and reflexivity. The learning partner can help organisations hold themselves to account for their learning, and can also perform convening roles to build relationships between people, organisations, and systems, so that shared learning can take place.

We’ve found there are two complementary sets of practices that encourage different forms of learning and therefore surface different insights. We're calling these two sets of practices sensemaking and action-learning.


Sensemaking is about creating space for listening, reflection and the exploration of meaning beyond the usual boundaries, allowing different framings, stories and viewpoints to be shared and collectively explored.

What is sensemaking?


Action-learning is about adopting an experimental, iterative mindset to day-to-day activities. It requires a willingness to embrace failure and a recognition that there will always be opportunities to adapt and improve.

What is action-learning?

Recent partnerships

We are putting our vision for government into practice through projects and partnerships that help us build a movement together.

Human Learning Systems

Working with the Human Learning Systems Collaborative - a network of public service change advocates - we have been exploring how to bring about a transformation in how public management is done.

Our work as learning partners in Europe

The Opportunity Project for Cities (TOPcities)

Throughout North America, we coordinate with local governments, community leaders, and volunteer technologists to build data-driven technology solutions to challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about TOPcities.

Our work as a learning partner in North America

Reimagining Government Webinar Series

Through our work with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), we are bringing together practitioners, academics, and thinkers from across the globe in a four-part interactive webinar series, shared resource hub, and learning community.

Our work as learning partners in Australia and New Zealand

Changemakers we've partnered with

We’ve worked with public sector organisations, governments, academic institutions, charities and foundations all over the world to explore how public institutions can listen, learn and adapt to make government more effective and trusted to work for everyone.

Values-led partnership

We work with public sector organisations, governments, academic institutions, charities and foundations all over the world to explore how public institutions can listen, learn and adapt to improve government so it's more effective and trusted to work for everyone.

We work with partners who share our aim to be...


We have the courage to speak the truth, to challenge without fear and tackle the difficult questions.


We respect differences, we seek to understand them and we look out for one another.


We are positive about what we and governments can do for our societies.

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We are non-partisan, we work together and seek ideas and solutions across the divides.

From our partners

"The CPI team has an unparalleled ability to translate big ideas into compelling action steps that lead to change. They deeply understand how to serve local governments, and all of their products and workshops are designed to inform and inspire local government innovators. Working with them is intellectually demanding and thoroughly enjoyable."

Jennifer Bradley, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Centre for Urban Innovation

"CPI has been invaluable to Frontline and has filled our skill gaps patiently and expertly through a partnership of equality where Frontline can bring its subject matter expertise and its networks, with CPI contributing expert project management, government relations abilities and policy excellence. Without CPI we would not have advanced our “Blueprint for Children's Social Care” to a live test and learn site."

Callum Ross, Head of Fellowship, Frontline

"CPI is an exceptional partner for those seeking to produce thoughtful and rigorous research. Our work on the West Philidelphia Skills Initiative resulted in one of the best institutional case studies I've seen."

Bruce Katz, Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University

"CPI worked with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch) to understand effective ways to engage the public on meaningful behaviour change that can aid in achieving net-zero emissions goals. CPI was able to activate its network and deep knowledge to interpret our brief and deliver a sophisticated output that resonated with policy-makers and practitioners."

Andrew Barnett OBE, Director, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)

"Partnering with CPI should be part of every government’s playbook. From the wealth of resources, case studies, and reports to the amazing people behind them, CPI is equipping governments with the tools they need to be successful, to 'innovate with intention,' and provide better services for the communities they have committed to serve. You’ll only find yourself wondering why you hadn’t engaged CPI sooner in your journey!"

Marguerite Jones, Assistant Director, Community Development, Tarrant County

"Working with the CPI team has been a great mix of fun and challenge - they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Constructively pushing our collective thinking to find the most aspirational version of what is possible is a wonderful sweet spot in which to work. Sharing the common intent of improving capability and outcomes in an environment of mutual trust and respect is a powerful combination."

Simon Kent, Deputy CEO, ANZSOG

"Many consultants, however well-intentioned, come into our community, mine material, and then write a report that's attributed to them alone. Working with CPI felt really different to this. Hands Up Mallee felt integrally involved in the partnership, and the work was explicitly attributed to the community. CPI is one of only a handful of consultants we've worked with who genuinely respect our knowledge on the ground, and avoid "doing to" us."

Jane McCracken, Executive Officer, Hands Up Mallee

"Working with CPI was a quantumly different experience to working with other consultants. The time dedicated to discussing how we would work together as partners and the inclusive process throughout resulted in a project which flowed effortlessly, and where we all felt a sense of ownership over and connection to the final product."

Teya Dusseldorp, Executive Director, Dusseldorp Forum

Want to partner with us?

We want to build on the movement of the changemakers who are working to reimagine government.

If you’re working on improving public service and want to work in partnership with us, get in touch for a conversation on how we can improve government together.