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Reimagining government in Europe

What we’re learning about building a new future for government in Europe

What we learned in 2022

In 2021-22, we worked with a range of partners on topics including innovation, digital transformation, and strengthening community relationships.

In the true spirit of a learning partner, we're continually learning about how to support change in government. So, we've gathered key insights from our work about what governments can do to shape public services that work better for everyone.

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Who we worked with


governments and organisations


public servants and changemakers


community members

Key learnings

  • Putting communities at the heart

    When governments work alongside communities, they can build better public services that meet people’s needs.

  • Government as a connector

    When government leaders think of their role as a convener and a steward, they can unlock partnerships able to tackle complex challenges.

  • Building learning organisations

    When governments are proactive in building learning environments, they lead by example and are far better at navigating complex challenges.

  • Changing how innovation is done

    When we re-frame how we approach innovation and what we mean by impact, we can drive meaningful change in how government works.

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