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Beatriz Cano Buchholz

Programme Manager, Europe


Beatriz joined CPI in March 2020 and leads a range of complex projects with local governments and multilateral agencies across Europe. She focuses on government innovation - supporting public officials to deliver greater impact by adopting innovative approaches centred on co-creation with residents, system-thinking, experimentation and collective learning.

She currently leads the Urban Imaginaries program, a program designed and implemented with UNDP  to support cities across Eastern Europe and Central Asia to reimagine their city by experimenting with residents.

Prior to joining CPI, Beatriz was an international civil servant at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) where she spent 5+ years acting as a liaison officer for the Europe region, advising local and national European governments to promote the contribution of tourism to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably on the topic of urban tourism. She holds a Master in International Development and speaks fluently five languages.

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