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Inclusive Economies in North America

We champion local solutions and leverage community engagement to ensure all people have the opportunity to flourish.

Barriers to an inclusive economy

Over the last 75 years, a growing global economy enabled billions to lift themselves out of poverty, fueled material prosperity, and drove improvements in health, literacy, nutrition, and innovation. While one may think this granted economic advancement for all, a deeper look shows that not all people have had equal opportunity for economic growth.

During COVID-19, Black & Latinx families have experienced higher rates of job loss and rent payment difficulties.

Only 50% of today's children will outearn their parents.

Since 1979, the bottom 10% of workers saw a 4% wage growth.

Workers don't believe the government will prepare them for the future of work.

What we do to help build an inclusive government

CPI's inclusive economies portfolio focuses on equitable & just COVID-19 recovery and pathways to individual & community wealth. We work with partners to build inclusive economies by:

  • Training and capacity building: We equip public servants with new ways of thinking and working, in line with our vision for reimagined government.

  • Listening and engagement: We engage with cities and residents to better understand lived experiences and raise voices.

  • Place-based collective action: We build bridges between residents and public servants to better address unique community needs.

  • Learning networks: We convene, design, and manage networks, enabling changemakers to learn from one another.

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Our work in action

Partner with us

We work with and are seeking dynamic partners and funders to expand our inclusive economy work. If your organization is interested in tackling inequalities and creating more economic opportunity, please contact us. Together we can build a more promising future for all people across North America.

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Partner Testimonials

"We really value our partnership with CPI and are grateful for their help towards our shared mission of increasing economic prosperity for all, particularly directing capital to overlooked communities. I'm always proud to walk into a room with CPI."

Jen Collins, Fellow in Residence, Beeck Centre for Social Impact and Innovation

"CPI is an exceptional partner for those seeking to produce thoughtful and rigorous research. Our work on the West Philidelphia Skills Initiative resulted in one of the best institutional case studies I've seen."

Bruce Katz, Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University

Let's have a conversation

If you're interested in tackling inequalities and creating more economic opportunity, or if you a public impact story to share, let us know. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.