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Pandemic Solutions Group

Working with public officials to rapidly scale COVID-19 testing, tracing, and vaccinations.

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About the Pandemic Solutions Group

The Pandemic Solutions Group, an initiative of The Rockefeller Foundation, is a network of public officials spanning U.S. cities, states, counties, and tribal nations devoted to rapidly scaling COVID-19 testing, tracing, and vaccinations in their communities.

Pandemic Solutions Group goals

The bipartisan group of senior public health officials across over 50 U.S. cities, states, and Tribal Nations, as well as representatives from leading academic institutions and community organizations, convenes virtually every two weeks to discuss a range of pertinent pandemic response topics.

The Pandemic Solutions Group helps public officials navigate the intersecting demands of testing, vaccination, and other public health measures with:

A Peer Network to drive collaboration about promising initiatives, engage with technical experts and colleagues, and facilitate knowledge sharing on testing, vaccination, and related pandemic response topics

Knowledge Products that include key insights from the PSG as well as strategy and policy recommendations.

Learning to support public officials and other community leaders to collect real-time data, evidence, and feedback to improve strategies.

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49 teams from all across the country participated in the Pandemic Solutions Group


200 local administrators and public employees participated in the Pandemic Solutions Group to help each other manage Covid-19 in their communities


6 residents were individually engaged over the course of the Pandemic Solutions Group