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CPI in the news Article February 12th, 2024
Artificial Intelligence

PRESS RELEASE: launches new AI Opportunity Fund in partnership with the Centre for Public Impact

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€10 million fund will help underserved European workers benefit from AI’s potential 

12 February 2024 – This week, has announced the AI Opportunity Fund: Europe. This AI skilling initiative, delivered in collaboration with the Centre for Public Impact, aims to address the workforce challenges posed by AI by ensuring the opportunities presented by AI are accessible to all.  

Advancements in AI have the potential to significantly boost the European Union's economy by €1.2 trillion while saving the average worker over 70 hours annually. Recognizing this potential, the AI Opportunity Fund will allocate €10 million through an Open Call to select nonprofit and civil society organizations actively supporting workers most impacted by AI-related workforce transitions.

Selected organizations will receive comprehensive support, including guidance, cash support, and bespoke training based on foundational AI courses designed by Google and external partners. The goal of AI Opportunity Fund is to equip workers with the essential AI knowledge and tools required for sustainable professional success, ensuring that the benefits of AI reach everyone and no one is left behind.

Adrian Brown, Executive Director, Centre for Public Impact, said:  

"AI has enormous potential to transform the world for the better. Yet research shows that the benefits of AI could also exacerbate existing inequalities - especially in terms of economic security and employment. Women, people with disabilities, and rural communities are just some of those facing barriers to accessing digital skills training. We must support these underserved groups so they can take advantage of the AI transition and thrive.

“We are, therefore, incredibly excited to be working with on the AI Opportunity Fund. This new program will help people across Europe develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence around AI, ensuring that nobody is left behind. We’re delighted to be able to bring our significant experience in delivering global impact challenges and capacity-building programs to this initiative, and to work together with to deliver better outcomes for European workers.”

Applications for the AI Opportunity Fund will open soon. Interested organizations are encouraged to register their interest to be notified when applications open. For more information, please visit the AI Opportunity Fund website.

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About the Centre for Public Impact

The Centre for Public Impact is a global not-for-profit that supports governments, philanthropy, civil society and communities to reimagine government so it works for everyone. We act as a learning partner, working collaboratively with leaders, teams and organizations to change how they work. We co-create every partnership based on the unique organizational context and community we’re working with. 

About, Google’s philanthropy, brings the best of Google to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges combining funding, product donations and technical expertise to support underserved communities and provide opportunity for everyone. engages nonprofits, social enterprises and civic entities who make a significant impact on the communities they serve, and whose work has the potential to produce scalable, meaningful change.

For media enquiries, contact: 

Aurora Horwood, Centre for Public Impact 


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Aurora Horwood Head of Communications, Europe
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