Public impact is what governments achieve for their citizens

Discover how you can achieve public impact using a tried and tested, simple framework - The Public Impact Fundamentals

When it comes to public impact there are three things that matter most

We spoke to people at all levels in government from around the world, consulted leading academics and analysed hundreds of case studies, to understand what makes policies successful.

Three factors appeared again and again in our assessment of effective policies: Legitimacy, Policy and Action.

We call these the Public Impact Fundamentals.

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The Public Impact Fundamentals

A framework for successful policy

To make achieving public impact easier, we created the Public Impact Fundamentals framework.

This framework unpacks the key components behind the three fundamentals of public impact – Legitimacy, Policy and Action. It gives you a simple, practical tool to assess your public policies and ensure the three fundamentals are embedded in them.

  1. Legitimacy

    For an initiative to have legitimacy, there needs to be public confidence behind it and in the institutions involved, stakeholder engagement and the necessary political commitment backing the policy.

    Legitimacy - Public confidence, stakeholder engagement & political commitment
  2. Policy

    For an initiative to be a well-designed policy, it needs to have clear objectives to ensure common agreement on the problem the policy is trying to solve, take into consideration the suitable evidence, as well as have feasibility, to ensure there are no legal, human resource or financial barriers that would affect impact.

    Policy - Clear objectives, evidence & feasibility
  3. Action

    To translate the idea of an initiative into action, the appropriate management and measurement mechanisms to ensure progress is made and can be measured need to be in place, as well as an alignment of interests of those actors required to make change happen.

    Action - Management, measurement & alignment

Discover a new way of designing and delivering effective policies

To help power the journey from idea to impact, and after analysing hundreds of case studies in our Observatory, we developed the Public Impact Fundamentals, a systematic attempt to understand what makes a successful policy outcome and describe what can be done to maximise the chances of achieving public impact.

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Public Impact Fundamentals Teaching Materials

Public policy development can be pretty complex and there is a host of theoretical frameworks out there that just add to the complexity.

We’ve developed bespoke material that aims to equip the policymakers of the future with the right knowledge and tools to design and deliver impactful policies.

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Teaching the Public Impact Fundamentals