Tools to help you achieve Public Impact

We’ve developed a range of tools to help you use the Public Impact Fundamentals framework in your day-to-day work to improve the impact of policies.

The Public Impact Fundamentals Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostic tool helps you improve the impact of a government initiative. Guiding you through an assessment of your policy against the nine elements of the Fundamentals framework, you’ll determine whether the key drivers of policy success are in place.

The tool is useful to diagnose policies that have been implemented in the past, are currently being rolled out, or are under consideration by government.


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The Fundamentals Map

The nine-sided Fundamentals Map helps you map your policy against the Fundamentals framework to illustrate areas of strength and areas for improvement.

The Fundamentals Map can be also used to track performance over time, or compare and contrast multiple initiatives to understand why one performed better than another. Or build your own Public Impact Fundamentals Corkboard to visualise and measure your public impact.

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The Checklist for Policymakers

The Checklist for Policymakers is a useful tool when you’re developing or reviewing a policy. By checking off each of the nine elements of the Fundamentals framework, you can help maximise the likelihood of your policy being a success.

Put it above your desk to help you develop policies with public impact front of mind.


Portuguese version

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Teaching the Public Impact Fundamentals

Public Policy Schools Teaching

We know that public policy students aspire to have impactful careers. But policy development can be pretty complex and there are a host of overly theoretical frameworks out there that just add to the complexity.

For this reason, we’ve developed a bespoke workshop to provide students – the policymakers of the future – with the right skills to design and deliver successful policies that achieve positive outcomes for citizens.

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