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Human Learning Systems: International Sensemaking Groups

As part of our work to explore the mindsets, principles, and practices that undergird a Human Learning Systems (HLS) approach, WINfinity proposes to bring together people from across the world who are curious to explore and experience these elements, both asynchronously and interactively.


We realize that the range of people who feel resonance with Human Learning Systems (HLS); those who are responding to what has been codified by Dr. Toby Lowe and his colleagues since 2017, runs as wide as it does deep.

These pioneers and vanguards for change come from all walks of life. Perhaps you have only just now discovered there is another, different way, and are curious to learn more. Or perhaps you are a veteran who has been practicing quietly in the background for years, perhaps under another name or label, and you just want to know there are more people like you “out there”.

No matter what the story is that has brought you to reading this document now, our coming together from across the world strengthens the efforts of all who are seeking to undertake and support experiments that further the narrative we all share.

That narrative being, that regardless of whatever discipline shaped our perception, we are all on the quest to continually explore, discover and discern whatever is working best for humans, and to systematize and scale “humans learning” for and with each other.

Therefore our initial intentions for these Sensemaking Groups are simple…

We (WINfinity together with the Centre for Public Impact) are promoting and championing an infrastructure for the foundational mindsets, principles and practices that support Human Learning Systems (HLS), with the intention to lead by example through championing Sensemaking Groups.

Sensemaking Groups will provide:

Sentiment Polling - not just to start, but as a way to be in continuous inquiry

Since HLS is about receiving direction from “the field”, then it makes sense for us to START by listening to YOU, as “the field,” FIRST. In other words, before we presume what we think you might need, we are going to endeavour to “walk our talk”.

We are going to explore as many ways for YOU, to guide US, as possible. This will be through carefully designed polls and questions that will be dripped to you by email, bit by bit. Each question will be unique, quick and painless, intended to gain the necessary collective information we need to weave a picture of what is emerging, and how to share what is working “boots on the ground” with those who need support or simply companionship on the journey.

The common ground that emerges from that participation will be mirrored back to you for confirmation, and will be shared to guide not only HLS efforts but also to encourage your work back in “the field” from which we will continue to inquire and learn from your experience.

Brave Space - to become practiced in the mindsets for a strong start

The hardest thing about doing something leading-edge, is talking about it. How do you share something like this with others? How do we be in conversation with all the levels and decision-makers involved? 

We have listened to the polling that has already been done, and hear that you are looking for answers to these questions. So WINfinity is offering an opportunity to get down to the basics.

Inquiry Clusters are 8-week long online Brave Spaces which are collective learning opportunities for people who want to explore the practices that undergird the HOW of facilitating for / stewarding connected learning cycles for emergence.

These online gatherings will include Facilitators and Engagement Practitioners from a range of disciplines globally. These are people like you – pioneers and vanguards for change from all walks of life, who are coming together to strengthen our efforts to undertake experiments with connected learning cycles, to make them work inside our work and our communities.

This is an Apprenticeship-like Environment for all participants to more deeply dive into meta-level principles which are crucial for supporting collective emergence and collaboration. Namely, direct participation in, and actual practice of, leading-edge principles for authentic conversation and values-based decision-making.

The groups will have their own shared digital space(s) and mechanisms for peer-to-peer communication. You will also have a place to share what you are learning from your own explorations with the meta-level principles that support implementing HLS approaches, and to learn from each other’s experiences.

NOTE: THE GROUPS SCHEDULED FOR FALL 2022 ARE ALREADY FULL. A waiting list has been created for 2023 and will be available for a fee (as yet undetermined), so if this is of interest, please reach out to us.

Knowledge Repository - sharing and weaving to spark a critical mass for change

We will capture the learning from all of your explorations and create a foundation of artifacts and resources to help spread the knowledge and gain support for your work and for the interests of your network. In this way, your experiments and involvement become an essential contribution, part of creating a critical mass of examples of doing things differently.

Potential Sensemaking Group Activities

We will develop and adapt a more detailed offering of environments and experiences with you as we go. In addition to the above, the following is being considered for 2022 or 2023, pending achieving financial sponsorship to support the work. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have relationships you feel may express further curiosity to champion this kind of work:

- Live, experiential Learning Opportunities (dips, digs and dives)

- Learning Modules focused on mindset and conversation, available on demand.

- Tools for Values-Based Decision-Making (individually & collectively)

- Facilitation, Coaching and Mentorship Opportunities 

- Presentations by HLS veterans

- Q&A Sessions with those conducting HLS Experiments

- Events presented by HLS’s Action Learning Group


We will operate in an adhoc manner starting March 2022 and run for 12 months, at which point the data gathered will shape the nature of further offerings going forward.

Cost to Participate

Offered on a complimentary basis and for a nominal fee where appropriate, until the data leads us in other, fresh directions.

Join the Sensemaking Groups

Want to understand more about mindsets and principles that support the HLS approach? Join the Sensemaking Groups with others who are also curious and want to make sense of it.

Begin your journey

WINfinity has received and accepted the invitation to Convene HLS’s International Community of Practice, in the spirit of Dr. Toby Lowe’s Medium Article of February 2021 (on definition of Community). In that article, Toby challenges us to “refresh for relevance” – to embark on the re-writing of communal narratives by giving attention to what is shaping our assumptions. 

It is also important to note that in the name of additionally supporting that narrative reconstruction process - we also further reference these helpfuls frameworks: 

- John Hagel (on Narrative in a broader term to “Story”)

- Dave Snowden (on the power of Informal Networks)