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CPI in the news Article February 20th, 2020
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Social Care Today: A radical new approach to children’s social care in England

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Social Care Today: A radical new approach to children's social care in England

Katie Rose from the Centre for Public Impact talks about the revolutionary, but realistic, way local authorities can deliver children's social care.

Originally published in Social Care Today.


In England today, some 700,000 children lack a safe or stable home. For these children, social workers play a crucial role in laying the foundations for a better future. But currently, the system is impeding social workers from doing their best work with children and families.

We spoke with more than 100 social workers who told us that the work is too bureaucratic and the service is gripped by a command and control culture, with excessive layers of management and a focus on data that is removed from their actual work.


The result is a new blueprint for children's social care; a model that local authorities could consider when reviewing their own social care systems and cultures. Implementing this model would cost a local authority no more to run and complies with existing regulation and legislation.


Read the full article in in Social Care Today.


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