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Article July 19th, 2018
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Government without borders #OneTeamGovGlobal: Part 2

Partnering for Learning

We put our vision for government into practice through learning partner projects that align with our values and help reimagine government so that it works for everyone.

Partner with us

What do you get when you bring together 700 people from all levels of government, from 43 countries into one room, organise a whole day of sessions, including yoga and Lego, and then you let them all decide who they want to talk to and when? Well, One Team Gov Global did exactly that and the outcome was truly amazing.

Listen to our latest podcast, recorded live at #OneTeamGovGlobal, where we talk with a host of attendees at the One Gov Global Summit on how the One Team Gov movement is building momentum in the public sector.

Listen to part 1 of the podcast here.

At the Centre for Public Impact, we’re exploring how government can be better equipped for the future.

We’re speaking to government leaders and civil servants around the world to understand how they’re thinking about the future and shaping their organisations for the challenges ahead. And we want to hear from you too. Find out more about our Future of Government Project here.


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Amy Noonan Global People and Operations Manager
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