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November 25th, 2017

#FindingLegitimacy roundtable – New Delhi

More than twenty individuals of diverse backgrounds gathered in New Delhi to continue the Centre for Public Impact’s #FindingLegitimacy series of events.

Hosted by Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, the event sought to develop an understanding of citizens’ perception of “legitimacy” in the Indian context. The participants included policy analysts, IT professionals, artists, non-profit leaders, college students, an ex-serviceman, a journalist, a member of a political party, and a municipal councillor, among others. Such diversity of backgrounds ensured that a range of different opinions were represented in the discussions.

After a brief discussion around the concept of legitimacy, participants were divided into four groups in order to discuss perceived legitimacy and democratic procedures, public consultation and support for policy outcomes, and the effect of social and digital media on the trust in governments.

The groups highlighted the need to enhance the public consultation process, improve coordination between different branches and levels of government, and strengthen accountability.

More details on the event are available here.

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