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Briefing note Article August 15th, 2018
Technology • Innovation

A brief introduction to… Policy Experimentation

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Discover how #PolicyExperimentation can pave the way for govt innovation by cementing policy decisions + deployment on visible results.

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An introduction to #PolicyExperimentation. Discover how govts are experimenting to make impact.

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Ever wanted to know more about Policy experimentation? Download this brief intro from @CPI_Foundation

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Being able to test something with a small sample group before launching it at scale is a pretty smart move. It allows you to dramatically reduce costs and limit the chances of failure. Simply put, testing, learning and refining are what policy experimentation is all about.

Experimentation can pave the way for government innovation by cementing policy decisions and deployment by visible results, rather than beliefs or feelings, through methodologically valid testing.

Although policy experimentation is great when resources are scarce, the high price of failure in public sector innovation means governments often stick to the status quo.

Download our brief introduction to Policy Experimentation, to discover how governments are getting to grips with policy experimentation and using it as a way to innovate and achieve public impact. 

Download: a brief introduction to… Policy Experimentation

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