A brief introduction to… Public Consultation

It’s good to talk, even more so when it comes to policymaking.

Public consultation allows citizens to have a voice and provide feedback to inform policy design and decision-making.

The good thing about public consultation is that it can take place at practically any stage of the policy cycle, from objective setting and design to delivery and evaluation, and at each stage it can inform government of the public’s opinion as well as help identify less well-known alternatives and overlooked consequences. It can be a one-off endeavour or an ongoing dialogue between government and the relevant stakeholders.

With all the good that can come with public consultation, it’s often seen as an afterthought, making consultations become merely symbolic, done solely for the appearance of public engagement – not great for genuine engagement.

Download our brief introduction to Public Consultation to discover how governments are making the most of public consultations to build genuine engagement with citizens and achieve public impact.  


Download: a brief introduction to… Public Consultation

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