Public Impact Fundamentals workshop at G-20 Leadership Program, South Korea

Adrian Brown, CPI’s executive director ran a workshop on the Public Impact Fundamentals at the G-20 Global Leadership Programme in Seoul co-hosted by the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korea Development Institute (KDI) School of Public Policy and Management, the country’s leading economic policy think tank. 

The G-20 Global Leadership Program brings together experienced managers and stakeholders from various ministries dedicated to improving global development and G-20 development goals. The Korean government has made this program possible as an integral part of its commitment to the G20 Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth “to add value to and complement existing development commitments.

The objective of the program is to enable participants to enhance their contributions towards reaching G-20 development goals set forth at the Seoul Summit and drive the momentum in implementing action plans so continuity is established at each subsequent G-20 summit.

The program has been designed for experienced managers working in development and G-20 agenda-setting, whether from the donor, recipient, facilitator, mediator, or change agent vantage point, to come together into a classroom to learn about Korea’s exemplary economic development and also share each other’s respective experiences in helping overcome today’s complex challenges to achieving global sustainable development.