We are the Centre for Public Impact

We are a not-for-profit, founded by BCG, that works with governments, public servants, and other changemakers to reimagine government. We turn ideas into action so that government works for everyone.

We keep our ear to the ground through ongoing research and conversation. We develop the tools and training changemakers need to make government both effective and legitimate. We are putting our vision for government into practice through projects and partnerships that help us build a movement together. 

Why we do what we do

Our vision

A world where governments help societies to better respond to the complex challenges they face by prioritising human relationships and championing the need for our public institutions to listen, learn and adapt.

Our mission

At the Centre for Public Impact, we are…

  1. Telling the story

    by constantly seeking and sharing emerging insights for how government can be reimagined, and drawing them together to form a compelling and inspiring new vision for government;

  2. Supporting the journey

    by providing practical tools, training and hands-on support for those seeking to reimagine government to give them the confidence to act; and

  3. Building a movement

    of changemakers around the world so they can learn from one another and gain mutual inspiration.

Our values

We are…

  • Courageous

    we have the courage to speak the truth, to challenge without fear and tackle the difficult questions

  • Respectful

    we respect differences, we seek to understand them and we look out for one another

  • Optimistic

    we are positive about what we and governments can do for our societies

  • Inclusive

    we are non-partisan, we work together and seek ideas and solutions across the divides

Who we work with

We draw inspiration from the citizens, public servants, frontline workers, and other changemakers who are reimagining government. We work with governments and their partners around the world to share and test the emerging insights we see shaping this new vision for government. This includes our founders at BCG, with whom we collaborate to build global insights and understanding on issues that support our mission.

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Who we are

We are an international team of innovators, researchers, communicators, dreamers – and a few recovering consultants – who draw on the insights of our Board, Fellows and People’s Panel to help shape and test our ideas and initiatives.

Where we are

We are divided among three teams