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Reimagining Government

The Centre for Public Impact and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) are bringing together practitioners, academics and thinkers from across the globe in a four-part interactive webinar series and learning community.

You can also take conversations from webinars even further, in our Community of Practice. Join now to access interactive sessions, conversations and networking opportunities.

Our free, interactive webinar series returns in 2021

Building on the success of last year's series, ANZSOG and CPI are delighted to invite you to join us to reimagine government again in 2021. We will build on the themes from our first series; diving more deeply into some of the topics that consistently appeared as being central to a renewed vision for government.

Once again, this series will go beyond an opportunity to listen to leading thinkers. Each webinar will be highly interactive and will provide participants with ample opportunity to contribute their views. We’ll also be curating materials for each webinar topic.

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Our Community of Practice is a forum for conversations over the course of the webinar series, as well as a chance to build new relationships with like-minded people passionate about reimagining government. Content in webinars will be brought to life, with interactive sessions, conversations and networking opportunities.

Register below, and join us as we reimagine government.

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The Webinar Series

Webinar 1: Failing Forward

16 March 2021 | 10am - 11.15am AEDT

In this webinar, we explored insights from city leaders, leading academics and public servants around what it takes to build a culture that supports and even encourages failure as a productive and inherent part of successful innovation.

During the session we discussed topics such as exploring shifts in mindset, relationship building, new systems and processes, and fostering external ecosystems that embrace innovation.

To take our webinars further, we’ve collated a wide range of material exploring Failing Forward. Click below to explore:

Explore our Failing Forward Materials Hub

Webinar 2: Learning to listen again

13 May 2021 | 5pm - 6.15pm AEST

Both during and following the COVID-19 crisis, governments need to be thinking about how to develop responses and policies that work for everyone. But what does good listening look like? How does listening lead to action?

This webinar explored the role and importance of listening to people experiencing complex challenges, and offered insights around how to do it in a way which builds trust and lasting relationships.

Explore our Learning to Listen Again Materials Hub

Webinar 3: Meaningful Measurement

17 August 2021 | 5pm - 6.15pm AEST

Our current system of measurement in the public sector is not working: a focus on metrics designed for control is creating gaming, perverse incentives, and ultimately makes the job of public servants harder. For this reason, we need to shift away from using measurement as a means of control, and instead begin using it as a way to learn about complex problems and the people experiencing them, so we can adapt and improve our approach.

Join us to explore the opportunities, challenges and practicalities of an alternative approach to measurement - measurement for learning.

Explore our Meaningful Measurement Materials Hub

Webinar 4: System Stewardship

14 October 2021 | 5pm - 6.15pm AEST

System stewardship is emerging as a new way of thinking about the role of government. Described as, “a new way of working that allows governments and their agents to effectively influence and steward systems from which outcomes emerge”, system stewardship is seen as being critical to contemporary public service practice. But what does it mean and look like in practice?

Join this conversation to explore the concept of system stewardship, and how to encourage more of it within and across government agencies, so that our systems work to serve the people who they are supposed to benefit.

Explore our System Stewardship Materials Hub