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Reimagining Government webinar series

The Centre for Public Impact and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) are once again hosting an interactive series of webinars, a microsite, and a Community of Practice to explore reimagining government.

We are bringing together practitioners, academics, and thinkers from across the globe in a four-part interactive webinar series - each exploring a different theme.

We’ve collated resources for each webinar below, and you can also join our Community of Practice, to dive more deeply into topics - through events, workshops, conversations, and networking opportunities.

Our free, interactive webinar series returns in 2022

Once again, this series will go beyond an opportunity to listen to leading thinkers. Each webinar will provide participants with ample opportunity to contribute their views.

Webinars will explore big ideas via moderated discussion, case studies, and interactive activities - with further options to engage more deeply in content to follow, in our Community of Practice.

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Our Community of Practice is a forum for conversations over the course of the webinar series, and a great way to build new relationships with like-minded people, passionate about reimagining government. Content in webinars will be brought to life, through events, workshops, conversations, and networking opportunities.

Register below, and join us as we reimagine government.

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The Webinar Series

Webinar 1: What will it take to rebuild trust in government?

Trust is the foundation for the legitimacy of public institutions, and for a functioning democratic system.

With the backdrop of the pandemic, impending climate disaster, racial injustice and other key issues - many are losing trust in government. How can we rebuild this trust? In this webinar, we discussed the need to listen and respond to those experiencing complex challenges, in a way which builds trust and lasting relationships.


Facilitated by:

  • Simon Kent (Deputy CEO, Thought Leadership, ANZSOG)

To take our webinar further, we’ve collated a wide range of material exploring legitimacy, and rebuilding trust in government, which you can access via the button below. We have summaries and recordings of the webinar there too!

Explore our materials hub

Webinar 2: How do stories enable social change?

Stories are powerful agents of change - they can build empathy, shift mindsets, build connections, and help people to teach and learn.

Stories are an essential part of the human experience - it’s how we all make sense of the world. But how might storytelling actually change entire systems? How do we make sure the right people are telling stories, and hearing stories? Join us as we explore how storytelling can be used to both enable and celebrate important systems change efforts.


Facilitated by:

To take our webinar further, we’ve collated a wide range of material exploring storytelling, and the role narrative plays in enabling social change.


Webinar 3: How can organisations learn from First Nations?

First Nations' knowledge systems and ways of operating offer important opportunities and insights into how all organisations can learn to do things differently, to achieve better results. This webinar will include insights and approaches being used by First Nations to enhance environmental, education and economic outcomes. Our panellists are drawn from First Nations communities, the Education Sector and the Public Service. Our leaders will share examples of these knowledge systems in practice and two-way learning partnerships that are relevant in the public and private sectors, non-profit and community.


  • Arihia Bennett (Chief Executive Officer, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu)

  • Cheryl Leavy (Cultural Agency Leader, Executive Director, Partnerships, Queensland Department of Environment and Science)

Facilitated by:

  • Lil Anderson (Leadership and Teaching Fellow, ANZSOG and Chief Executive of Te Arawhiti – Office for Maori Crown Relations)

Explore our materials hub

Webinar 4: What does it take to build learning systems in government?

In situations of uncertainty and complexity - the situations that governments constantly operate in - we do not know what the ‘right' thing to do is. It’s necessary to constantly iterate and adapt, and create emergent learning environments and practices.

However, it’s often difficult to learn when confronted by the siloes of government, the pressures of delivery, and the fear of failure. Join us as we discuss how those working in and around government might coordinate and collaborate effectively to build healthy learning systems, using real-life case studies.

To take our webinar further, we’ve collated a wide range of material on building learning systems in government.


Facilitated by:

Explore our materials hub

Explore the 2021 series

Failing Forward

In this webinar, we explored what it takes to build a culture that supports and even encourages failure as a productive and inherent part of successful innovation.

Explore our Failing Forward hub

Learning to listen again

Governments need to be thinking about how to develop responses and policies that work for everyone. But what does good listening look like? How does listening lead to action?

Explore our Learning to listen again hub

Meaningful Measurement

Our current system of measurement in the public sector is not working. We need to shift away from using measurement as a means of control, and instead begin using it as a way to learn about complex problems and the people experiencing them.

Explore our Meaningful Measurement hub

System Stewardship

Described as, “a new way of working that allows governments and their agents to effectively influence and steward systems from which outcomes emerge”, system stewardship is seen as being critical to contemporary public service practice.

Explore our System Stewardship hub