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Article Article December 22nd, 2017
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2018 predictions: What's coming next?

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What do @_AdrianBrown and other members of the @CPI_Foundation team foresee for the year ahead? #2018predictions

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@dannybuerkli thinks #AI will be used to strengthen citizen outcomes but will also end up entrenching bias #2018predictions

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Young people will demonstrate in new ways that they are no longer willing to accept the status quo, says @NadineMCSmith #2018predictions

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This time of year is often an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months and map out what may lie ahead. Yet again, the past year has provided many twists and turns, some expected, many more less so, but what can we expect from 2018? Will it be a period of relative calm or will turbulence continue to render old assumptions and ways obsolete?

Here, we ask members of the CPI team what might lie over the horizon…

Adrian Brown, Executive Director

My prediction for 2018 is that the UK will secure a "bespoke" Brexit deal with tariff-free trade and controlled EU migration. It suits politicians on all sides to make the talks seem tough so they can claim victory when a deal is finally hammered out #2018predictions

Nadine Smith, Global Director of Communications

In 2018, young people will demonstrate in new and powerful ways that they are no longer willing to accept the status quo. My fear is that governments won't take them seriously enough, though, and will still seek to control the conversations.  #2018predictions

Danny Buerkli, Programme Director

We'll see some governments use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to improve citizen outcomes, to empower and lift them up. Unfortunately, I'm equally confident that we'll also see the same technology used in ways that end up entrenching prejudice and bias #2018predictions

Jorge Hargrave, Programme Manager

Brazil's election and the end of Venezuela' populist government will consolidate the new conservative wave in Latin America and end decades of left wing dominance #2018predictions

Amy Noonan, Senior External Relations Coordinator

Rifts in the cabinet will stall Brexit negotiations, ultimately leading to the fall of the UK government and another general election. #2018predictions

Matt Mercer, Senior Editor

After years of change and turbulence, 2018 will see far fewer unexpected events and instead a period of stability will settle in. Don't count on this hiatus lasting into 2019 though... #2018predictions

Magdalena Kuenkel, Programme Manager

2018 will be the first year where the number of active Facebook starts to drop - it's time for a new social network! #2018predictions

Chris Oladogba, Senior Web and Digital Channels Coordinator

Live video usage will continue to rise. It's nothing new, but it's growing at lightning speed. Everyone wants a piece of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Expect to see some of this from @CPI_Foundation in 2018. #2018Predictions

Katie Rose, Associate

Bitcoin grew by pouncing on the post-crash lack of trust in the banking system. But in 2018, it and other cryptocurrencies will have their own legitimacy crises as their invisible, technocratic politics becomes clear and we miss accountability of the “experts” #2018predictions

Elena Bagnera, Junior Research Associate

In 2018 few governments around the world will substantially change the way they design and deliver policy to make it more human-centred. #2018predictions

Margot Gagliani, Junior Programme Associate

The Odebrecht scandal leads to hardening tolerance toward corruption in Latin America - will 2018 be the start of a new era of legitimacy across the region? #2018predictions

Andrea Mirviss, Junior Programme Associate

In the United States, the culture will become so dominated by the mid-term elections that people will forget about the Kardashians for a bit.  Nothing else to be said here - not worth jinxing it! #2018predictions

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