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CPI in the news Article June 26th, 2020
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TedxOxford Talk: Can governments really heal nations?

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Watch @NadineMCSmith speak at @TedxOxford about whether she thinks #governments can really heal nations, using her personal journey

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This @TedxOxford talk from @NadineMCSmith about the 5 steps govs can take to heal nations = topical in light of #COVID19 & the #BLM movement

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'Govs need to be more human, and lead with empathy' - @NadineMCSmith talking about the 5 steps govs can take to heal nations @TedxOxford

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Earlier this year, CPI UK Director Nadine Smith delivered a TedX Talk in Oxford to discuss the question of whether governments can really heal nations.

Nadine's talk was a personal journey towards understanding what it might really take to feel valued and heard as citizens, and for governments to feel more able to make that happen.

This presentation was delivered just three weeks before the UK coronavirus lockdown, and just before the Black Lives Matter movement gained new international prominence after the killing of George Floyd. Yet, her message couldn't have been more timely.

She explains why governments must listen and act on the voices of those who have suffered the most in order for anything and anyone to progress, including even the most sensible government policies. She reminds us that our lives are more complex than government processes and structures allow for, and people cannot be tick boxes or silenced anymore.

Power is being reimagined and reclaimed by people, and governments must embrace that.

Nadine feels hopeful in how listening and working together - both government and citizens - is happening successfully in many parts of the world.

Above all, governments need to be more human, and lead with empathy.

Get in touch with Nadine if you have any comments.

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Nadine Smith Founder & CEO, Nadine Smith Consulting
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