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Article Article January 3rd, 2019
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The Public Impact Fundamentals Diagnostic tool

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Assess the public impact of your own policies, by using the @CPI_foundations diagnostic tool

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What drives policy success? We've designed a way to help #policymakers cut through the complexity and achieve public impact.

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CHOOSE - ASSESS - IDENTIFY. 3 steps to help you diagnose and improve the impact of a government initiative.

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The Public Impact Fundamentals is a framework we've developed for thinking about the key elements that most influence the impact of government initiatives.

There are three Fundamentals:

  • Legitimacy: Underlying support for an objective and the attempts to achieve it
  • Policy: Quality of policies intended to achieve impact
  • Action: Translation of policies into real-world effect which collectively contributes to its performance

Measure your own initiatives and policies against the three fundamentals

But how do you go about measuring your own initiatives and policies against the fundamentals? Well, we've put together a diagnostic tool to help you do just that.

Our diagnostic tool is based on CPI proprietary research:

From these, we are able to assess how impactful an initiative will be, based on how well it ranks against the Fundamentals.

Using our diagnostic tool you can evaluate whether your initiative has all the key elements that typically lead to more impactful policies. It also helps you improve on weaknesses and maintain strengths, maximising the chances of the initiative achieving public impact.

We have also developed a tool to help you visualise your assessment of a policy. Our Fundamentals Map allows you to see a map of your policy against the Fundamentals to illustrate areas of strength and areas for improvement. This tool can be used to map out the assessment of a single policy or, multiple policies trying to achieve the same objective, to compare and contrast potential initiatives.

We'd love to get your feedback using the diagnostic tool. Get in touch with us to let us know the outcome measuring your own initiatives and policies against the three fundamentals.

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