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Article Article July 31st, 2015

Open Data Leaders’ Network, second cohort

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Open data is increasingly prevalent among governments worldwide. This event attracted pioneering proponents of open data from around the world to share their experiences and promote greater understanding of how greater transparency can lead to stronger public services.

The Open Data Leaders’ Network is made up of outstanding government leaders of open data initiatives from around the world. Brought together by the Open Data Institute, the network enables  the sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as identifying best practice and solutions to common challenges. The second cohort of the network is made up of leaders who work within government on open data initiatives at implementation level and who possess innovative ideas about the future of open data and government. During a week-long programme of activities the network attended a Centre for Public Impact event in London, which showcased the open data experiences of Argentina, New Zealand, Ecuador and the state of Edo in Nigeria.

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