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Article Article September 20th, 2016

An immersion into the Public Impact Fundamentals

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In government it can often be a challenge to find the time to take stock. To consider the long-term direction of an organisation. To examine whether a policy is achieving its objectives.

There are variety of reasons. The sheer scale and complexity of many government activities means that managing the machine can become an all consuming task. No wonder the issue of public impact can fall back or be forgotten altogether.

Policymakers should always keep in mind that the ultimate test of any government policy is whether it makes the difference it sets out to achieve. But too often the results fail to match the vision, wasting time, money and damaging public trust in leaders and institutions.

We believe that achieving public impact requires three things to be in place: Legitimacy, Policy and Action. Our practical experience and rigorous research demonstrates that these components are fundamental to public impact, which is why we call them the Public Impact Fundamentals.

We offer the Public Impact Fundamentals Immersion Session to senior government officials and their teams. The Immersion Session is an intensive guided workshop specifically tailored to senior government officials who want to explore new ways of achieving their objectives. The Immersion Session can be designed around a specific issue or be used to familiarise attendees with the Public Impact Fundamentals more generally.

The Immersion Session brings the Fundamentals to life by applying them to a scenario that's relevant to the attendees. Through the collective analysis of a problem the Immersion Session creates a shared understanding of what can be done to improve the impact of a policy or initiative.

The Public Impact Fundamentals


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