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CPI in the news Article December 11th, 2020
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The Guardian: Children's social care has changed during Covid. That progress mustn't be lost now

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"Social workers’ wellbeing – so [vital] to quality support for vulnerable children & families – must be higher on the agenda" @_Rose_Katie

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@_Rose_Katie writes for @guardian about how #Covid19 has presented the children's social care sector an opportunity for lasting change

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"What is clear is that we cannot and should not go back to the way things were." - @_Rose_Katie on what children's social workers are saying

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Children's social care has changed during Covid. That progress mustn't be lost now

For all its challenges, the pandemic has given the sector the chance to reset itself and change for the better, writes Katie Rose.

Originally published by The Guardian.


Over the past few months, I have been speaking to frontline children's social workers to understand how the coronavirus pandemic has affected them. My interviews fed into the Centre for Public Impact's report What does the Covid-19 crisis mean for the future of children's social care?

Like so many others working in public services, they have had to adapt to new ways of doing things practically overnight. But despite the rapid changes and constant difficulties they have faced, many insisted that there is no going back: they cannot return to pre-pandemic broken practices. Instead, everyone in the sector must urgently reset the profession and make relationships its primary focus.


Finally, social workers' voices must be heard. They know the problems that families face and the gaps in support provision. Their wellbeing - so instrumental to quality support for vulnerable children and families - must be higher on the agenda.


Read the complete piece at The Guardian.


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