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Article Article March 27th, 2018

#FindingLegitimacy: new microsite now live!

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The relationship between govt + citizens needs talking about. New #FindingLegitimacy website from @CPI_Foundation tackles the disconnect

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Understanding what legitimacy means today + what governments can do to strengthen it must be a priority #FindingLegitimacy

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One of the toughest questions for governments today relates to their legitimacy. New #FindingLegitimacy website aims to find answers

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We put our vision for government into practice through learning partner projects that align with our values and help reimagine government so that it works for everyone.

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New #FindingLegitimacy microsite now live!

The relationship between government and citizens needs talking about.

One of the toughest questions for governments today relates to their legitimacy - how to think about it, how to solve it, how to understand it and how to strengthen it. That's why we embarked upon a worldwide listening project, #FindingLegitimacy, that sought to answer those questions.

Our project has shown that legitimacy is much more than participating in consultations. It's actually about governments showing they care and that the voices of ordinary people matter at all levels of government.

We hope you agree with us that #FindingLegitimacy is one of the most vital issues that governments now face in order to remain effective. Work must start now - this is just the beginning.

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Chris Oladogba Global Senior Manager, Information Technology
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