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Podcast Article October 23rd, 2017

In conversation with… Malaysian Youth Leader Dato’ Lokman Hakim Bin Ali

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How to get more young Malaysians involved in the policymaking process is the task facing Dato’ Lokman Hakim Bin Ali, Secretary-General, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. He took time out to sit down with CPI’s Nadine Smith in the latest edition of the CPI Podcast series.

As part of Malaysia’s 2050 National Transformation initiative, which charts the future of the country towards the year 2050, Lokman and his colleagues are seeking to tap into the views and aspirations of young people in order to better understand their hopes for the future.

He tells Nadine about how they have gone about engaging approximately 1.6 million youth around issues such as the environment, the arts, and social and economic matters. They also discuss how the government is seeking to incorporate their viewpoints into future policy proposals.

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