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Responding to Coronavirus

Learning from each other

Coronavirus is affecting us in ways we couldn’t imagine.

As a result, we are going through a period of upheaval on a political, social and economic level. The consequences have been terrible, and presented huge challenges for everyone. Though we are not experts in epidemiology, or public health, we hope to make a contribution by helping in ways we at CPI know-how.

We want to help

We want to help governments respond and adapt to this crisis in a way that will enable a more equitable, empathetic and effective system. Whether this is sharing the stories of those working with marginalised groups most impacted by the virus, or calling on communities and organisations to submit innovative approaches to this repository in partnership with the OECD OPSI; it is important to highlight varying experiences of this crisis, so that changemakers understand the value of reimagining government.

CPI Listens

We are undertaking an ambitious listening exercise to capture the voices of those most impacted by COVID-19 to highlight how systems need to change to support these communities.

Read what we’re hearing

Our emergent thinking

We want to hear from you too

Coronavirus is affecting our mental and physical health in drastic ways. Tell us how your working to #FighRecoverRebuild to support your community.