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Government Legitimacy in North America

We aim to restore the relationships between government and the people they serve.

Restoring relationships

Why this matters

Government legitimacy is the broad reservoir of support that allows governments to deliver positive outcomes for all.

We envision a United States where the relationship between the public and the government is restored. Where governments listen to and understand residents, serving in ways that truly addresses the ever-evolving needs and priorities of the people.

The Challenge

The relationship between the government and Americans has declined substantially.

(Source: Pew Research Centre)


From 1964 to 2017, American's trust in government decreased from 77% to 18%.


From 1964 to 2018, American's belief that the federal government serves their interest decreased from 64% to 21%.


64% of adult Americans believe low trust in government makes it harder to solve other national problems

What we do

We are committed to providing leaders with the insights needed to build trusting relationships between and within communities and government. We provide governments and change agents with the resources they need to increase trust.

Our work is focused on high impact areas such as lifting up the voices of marginalized communities, spurring civic engagement, and developing capabilities among public sector leaders.

Partner With Us

Let's have a conversation

We are seeking dynamic partners and funders to help us strengthen government legitimacy and enhance civic participation.

If your organisation is interested in government legitimacy and creating authentic connections between the public and the government, we want to hear from you!

Together we can work to restore the relationship between the public and government.

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