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D.C. COVID-19 Response Collaborative

Responding to COVID-19

About the D.C. COVID-19 Response Collaborative

Logos of the Rockefeller Foundation, the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent, and the Diana Bruce Foundation

When COVID-19 hit, schools across the country were left scrambling to keep up with the latest practices, information, and innovations. In response, CPI, the Rockefeller Foundation, the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education, and Diana Bruce & Associates LLC launched a "peer learning network" to help, called the D.C. COVID-19 Response Collaborative

Peer learning networks bring together industry-specific professionals to tackle a complicated challenge affecting them all. Here, schools focused on a specific topic - testing and tracing - and shared knowledge, insights, and best practices to help handle issues such as mandatory quarantines, school-wide policies, and minimizing educational disruption.



61 education administrators from across the District of Columbia gathered together to utilize their shared knowledge


84% of those administrators learned new skills and met their learning objectives during the Collective's existence


93% of respondents to Collaborative surveys reported that the network was a good forum to connect with peers.


Keisha Morris

“When the script changes week to week and there is an influx of new information from different sources - what’s been most helpful for me is to have the platform to network with other ops leaders who are getting the same info and try to figure out best practices.”

Keisha Morris, Director of Operations at YouthBuild Public Charter School DC
Young Black student in a mask

"I thought the selection of [D.C. COVID-19 Response Collaborative] topics was perfectly timed for each session and was very responsive to what was top of mind. I really appreciated the nimbleness in focusing on whatever was most relevant every week."

Martita Fleming, Director of Operations, Washington Latin Public Charter School
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"I’m often on several zoom calls where I get a lot of high level information. The [D.C. COVID-19 Response Collaborative] breaks it down and makes it easier to absorb."

Dr. LaMar Bagley, Director of Arts Program Design & COVID Response Team Lead, The SEED School of Washington, D.C.