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Briefing note Article July 26th, 2016
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Rethinking public services for the future

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Thinking and practices on reforming the UK's public services is in urgent need of renewal

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Megratrends are threatening to rip up the rule book of what has gone before

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It is time for a fundamental rethink of the New Public Management model of public sector reform

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Although there is widespread agreement on the importance of excellence and equity in public services - now and in the future - but thinking and practice on improvement and reform are in urgent need of renewal. Demographic change, inequality, austerity and the ongoing digital revolution are threatening to rip up the rule book of what has gone before.

In this report, Sir Peter Housden, former Permanent Secretary of the Scottish Government and Permanent Secretary of the UK's Department for Communities and Local Government, turns the page and considers what the public services of the future might look like…


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