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Human Learning Systems: A practical guide for the curious

Explore learning as a management strategy

Our new guide provides practical advice to help any organisation working in public service apply the Human Learning Systems approach to their work.

In doing so, they will be better equipped to explore, learn and respond to the unique strengths and needs of each person, family and community they serve.

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Not quite ready to dive into the full guide?

We've also prepared a short summary version of the guide for organisations and teams to use.

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Case studies

These case studies are examples of how ‘learning as a management strategy’ has been applied in practice.

They illustrate the work in two ways:

The story of the work - we asked the people behind the work to tell their own story, in whatever way felt most appropriate to them. 

The illustration of the work as connected Learning Cycles - this representation of the work helps connect the case studies with the core concepts in the guide.

Pathology in the NHS

How learning as a management strategy for the pathology system in North Devon led to significant performance gains, influencing national priorities and the approach to pathology accreditation.

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Learning by design in Gateshead

Using learning as a management strategy to provide bespoke public services for residents in Gateshead.

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Help build something extraordinary

This guide itself is an experiment. We're sharing it with you because we want to hear about how useful it is and how we can make it better. 

Once you’ve had a chance to explore the guide and supporting resources we’d love you to:

  • Use it to design a Human Learning System approach in your context 

  • Share your feedback on how the guide could be improved

To capture this information, we’ll send you three very short surveys asking for feedback. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Do you have any questions about the guide?

If you are interested in speaking to someone directly - to discuss your feedback on the guide, or about how to apply Human Learning Systems more generally - please get in touch using the link below.

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