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Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative: Innovation Track

Building innovation capabilities within city teams.

CPI and the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative

CPI partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Harvard University to design and manage the Innovation Track, where interdisciplinary city teams build innovation capabilities as they design, test, and prototype solutions to a pressing city problem.

About the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative

The Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative advances leadership, management, and innovation in cities.

Within the Initiative, CPI supports the Innovation Track, which helps cities adopt cutting-edge innovation techniques that engage residents in testing, adapting, and scaling ideas with the potential for long-term impact. Participating cities receive nine months of tailored coaching to learn about design concepts and implement them in their city.

Since becoming involved in the program in August 2018, CPI has worked with three cohorts totaling 30+ cities, engaged with over 1,300 residents, and supported 40+ prototypes.

(Last updated June 2021)

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