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Learning journeys for reimagining government

Learning experiences from the Centre for Public Impact Australia Aotearoa New Zealand (CPI ANZ) to support those working in and around the public sector to feel more confident navigating complexity.

Big ideas and practical tips for reimagining government

Ranging from half-day 'Orientations' to multi-session 'Expeditions', our learning journeys are designed to support those working in and around the public sector to feel more confident in evolving their ways of working to respond to the complex challenges that face government today.

Topics we can explore together

Collaboration in complexity

Learn new ideas, tools, and concepts that support effective collaboration in complex environments.

Adaptive leadership

Reflect on your leadership and learn new ideas, tools, and concepts that support an approach to leadership that embraces complexity, relationships, and learning.

Systems thinking

Delivered with The Systems School

Build a foundational understanding of systems thinking as a practice and become more systemic in thinking and ways of working.

A unique, experiential approach to learning that is

  • ✍️ Bespoke and tailored to the needs and context of the participants

  • 👥 Centred on collective learning, focusing on coaching and learning together 

  • 💥 Inspirational, while also grounded in practical advice 

  • 🌱 About exploring shifts in both being and doing (i.e. what we do and why we do it) 

  • 🎨 Uniquely experiential and engaging, using creative activities and games 

  • 🔲 Reflective, drawing from the collective wisdom of the people in the room

Learn more about our approach

Orientations and Expeditions

  • Orientations are half-day sessions that give participants the opportunity to start familiarising themselves with the new ideas, concepts, and tools. 

  • Expeditions are a chance for participants to more deeply explore, experience, and apply the ideas, concepts, and tools to their context across multiple sessions (ranging from 1-day to 6-months in duration).

What to expect

While each learning journey is unique and tailored to the needs and context of the cohort, participants will be introduced to new ideas and take part in experiential learning activities and games (grounded in theory) that help connect with the ideas and concepts explored.

Participants will be invited to reflect on their own context and supported to experiment with how the ideas, tools, and frameworks can be applied in their context.

What our partners say

"Collaborating with the Centre for Public Impact was very rewarding and allowed us to experience their genuinely collaborative approach firsthand. The CPI team was flexible and adaptive, and struck a wonderful balance between academic rigour, explorative learning, and relevant resources. With a carefully crafted program, our participants were actively engaged and able to shift their thinking away from traditional, linear problem-solving towards a system-wide approach to innovation." 

Benjamin Cerezo, Director, Leadership and Learning

"Working with the CPI team has been a great mix of fun and challenge - they are an absolute pleasure to work with. Constructively pushing our collective thinking to find the most aspirational version of what is possible is a wonderful sweet spot in which to work. Sharing the common intent of improving capability and outcomes in an environment of mutual trust and respect is a powerful combination."

Simon Kent, Deputy CEO, ANZSOG

Start your learning journey

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to craft a learning journey for your team, agency, organisation, agency or department.