The Public Impact Fundamentals

Legitimacy, Policy and Action – three factors we have found are fundamental to public impact. The Centre for Public Impact has worked with leading practitioners and academics from around the world to develop a framework that sets out how government can improve the results it achieves for citizens

The Public Impact Framework
Unpacking the factors

Unpacking the components

Legitimacy, Policy and Action are fundamental to public impact. Legitimacy – the underlying support for and attempts to achieve it; Policy – the design quality of policies intended to achieve impact; and Action – translation of policies into real-world effect. Mutually reinforcing, they collectively lead to improved outcomes for citizens: public impact


Legitimacy is the underlying support for any government initiative and the attempts to achieve it. It is influenced by the level of public confidence, stakeholder engagement and political commitment


Policies differ in scope and scale but the quality of the policy is what matters. How can governments achieve this? By focusing on clear objectives, strong evidence and feasibility


Without action, a policy is just a plan. Turning an idea into impact requires good management, measurement and alignment. Only then will an idea become a reality

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The Public Impact Framework
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