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Learning how to listen

We help public servants and citizens listen better to one another by bringing government, the workforce and society together to reimagine what their lives, places and futures can be in trusted spaces where everyone matters. But first, we need to learn how to listen, as we have been doing with partners across the UK and finding vital insights that have too often been missed. 

Why this matters

We cannot know the right answers if we cannot really hear people or if we see listening as a tick-box, passive exercise.

Brexit and reactions to government decisions over the management of coronavirus demonstrate the need to really know all parts of your community and country.

Yet so many are seldom heard or lack the trust to engage, collaborate and participate. To date, listening has been done badly and has damaged trust.

Listen better

Over the past five years we have been learning how to listen better and we see the potential listening has for building relationships, empathy and understanding. People do want to contribute and do want their places and country to succeed and when they feel heard and understood they feel more valued, counted and a greater sense of belonging too.

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What we can do

CPI can help you to learn better listening methods and experiment safely with your workforce, communities and service users to make listening have real purpose while building relationships and collaborations for learning and adapting.

Our listening work has shown that those often assumed to be the least capable or motivated want to be heard and want to help others be heard too.

Your communities are ready, are you? 

Research & case studies


Listening projects

Learning to listen workshops

Listen, learn & adapt

We are helping government and public sector organisations to tackle the complex challenges they face, equipping changemakers with the confidence, tools and mindsets to listen, learn and adapt in these fast-changing and unpredictable times.

Learn to listen again

Whether you work in government, public sector, the third sector or are a foundation seeking to be both effective and legitimate in order to shift thinking towards a more human government, we can help you.

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