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We are your learning journey partner

Successful 21st Century governments and public services are those that are able to continuously learn and adapt in the face of complex, dynamic environments and challenges.

We help government and public sector organisations and all who work in them to optimise for learning and adaptation. 

We help public servants to learn with the people they serve, and so create better outcomes together. We can help shift the structures and cultures of government and public service towards a learning mindset.

In doing so, we can optimise for collaborative learning and continuous improvement and help public servants to become accountable for helping create better outcomes with people. 

A complexity friendly approach to public services

Human Learning Systems

Our vision for government talks about the importance of complexity, human relationships and continuous learning.

But how can governments put these ideas into practice? What are the implications for how public services work?

This is what the Human Learning Systems approach to public management explores.

Learn more about human learning systems

Why this matters

Over the past twenty years and more, the UK public sector has been characterised by its belief that effective government is one that can predict outcomes and track progress towards achieving them.

However today’s challenges are far from predictable, they are complex and involve everyone in a system. We must create learning environments to build trust, understanding and to inform action.

We can help you to build learning into all your work, commissioning and accountability mechanisms. 

How we can help you

We can be your Learning Partner. The Learning Partner role helps you to explore and experiment, to find the ways of working which are uniquely right for you and your context.

We help you learn about how your organisation is impacting others inside and out.

Alongside our listening approach, we can provide you with practical tools, research and insights from across the UK and the world and the latest thinking in Human Learning Systems.

Inspiration and training

Understanding the Human Learning System Approach

Experiments and explorations

Looking at where it is safe to try learning as the goal

Placed based learning

Projects and partnerships

Identifying partners that help you cut across silos for collaborative learning 

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