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Making the right kind of change in a ‘get things done’ world

One criticism of government and the wider public sector and partners is that people want to see change happen quickly and boldly - it is all about the doing. Adapting isn’t always the sexy headline leaders want but adapting while continuously listening and learning turns into collaborative and legitimate action.

Being what people need, when they need it

We will be your journey partner as you start the mindset shift from action now, think later to listening, learning and adapting to be part of your organisation's DNA and the new expectation people want you to meet. Let’s go from just doing things to being what people need, when they need it.

Why it matters

In this high blame-culture that public servants work in today, making any change is hard but making it alone is far, far harder, so why do that? 

When you adapt together, you build support, legitimacy and a willingness to be accountable together. As adapting becomes easier, there will be less of a need to force change on people for the sake of a headline or rebuttal. Nothing remains static, things continuously shift, so it matters that you can adapt step by step and take people with you.

What we do

Deep diving

Evaluating relationships and conditions for adapting

Training & workshops

Preparing leaders to adapt through leadership training and inspirational workshops.


Designing ‘safe to try’ experiments.

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