The Public Impact Fundamentals two years in: “Policy wonks, eat your hearts out”

It’s been just over two-and-a-half years since we first launched the Public Impact Fundamentals – a practical framework to help policymakers achieve public impact. In that time we’ve come a long way and wanted to take this opportunity to share what we’ve achieved together.

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Helping policymakers around the world

We’ve run workshops for policymakers in over 50 governments and intergovernmental organisations in 20 countries around the world, introducing them to the Public Impact Fundamentals and helping policymakers improve the policies they’re working on. In the last two months alone, hundreds of policymakers at the Canada Policy Community Conference in Ottawa, the UK Government’s Fast Stream Utopia Conference in London, and across the Dutch civil service in The Hague have attended workshops to learn how to achieve public impact.

Since the start of the year, over 250 policymakers in 19 countries have received a Public Impact Fundamentals corkboard, giving them a practical tool to help them achieve better outcomes for the citizens they serve. And every week we’re sending out more!


Resources to help you achieve public impact

Our free Public Impact Fundamentals teaching resources have been downloaded by 26 students and academics from around the world, helping spread the word about the drivers of policy success. Since 2016, we’ve also travelled to 22 universities in 10 countries to share the Public Impact Fundamentals with future policymakers.

We’ve also reviewed over 320 case studies using the Public Impact Fundamentals on the Public Impact Observatory, drawing out lessons for future policy work.

And beyond the numbers, we always love to hear what policymakers think of the Public Impact Fundamentals and how you use it. Here are a few examples of what you’ve told us:

“This is one of the most promising strategic frameworks I have seen in a long time”

“Really amazing tool for assessing the impact of potential policies and initiatives. Definitely see a lot of uses for this and can’t wait to show my colleagues!”

“We’re playing with CPI’s Fundamentals Map to reflect on our strengths and identifying where we need to improve to deliver greater public impact”

“I use the framework to help think through our initiatives and to remind me to not push ahead with an initiative without getting the full ‘triangle’.”

“I can now evaluate all policies and initiatives at work across nine dimensions in real time. Policy wonks, eat your hearts out”

But we’re not stopping there. We’ll soon be launching a Public Impact Starter Kit to order to put our tools into your hands to help you design successful policies and achieve public impact. We’ll also continue to travel the world running workshops to introduce policymakers to the Public Impact Fundamentals. And we’ll continue to produce new case studies assessing policies from around the world for the Public Impact Observatory.  So stay tuned for an exciting 2019!

Share your stories about how you use the Public Impact Fundamentals or contact us to learn more about our plans for 2019.