Teaching the Public Impact Fundamentals

Design and deliver impactful policies

We know that public policy students aspire to have impactful careers. But policy development can be pretty complex and there are a host of overly theoretical frameworks out there that just add to the complexity.

For this reason, we’ve developed a bespoke workshop to provide students – the policymakers of the future – with the right skills to design and deliver successful policies that achieve positive outcomes for citizens.

We’ve taught our framework at public policy universities all over the world

Working closely with professors, we’ve helped to give students the knowledge and practical tools necessary to have impactful careers.

Public Policy Universities CPI have worked with

Want to run your own workshop on the Public Impact Fundamentals?

We want as many future policymakers to learn how to design and deliver impactful policies as possible. Below you can access everything you’ll need to incorporate the Fundamentals framework into your course.

  • Workshop Plan

  • Workshop Slides

  • Additional Workshop Resources


I enjoyed learning a simple approach that will mean I can design impactful policies in my future career in government
- Masters in Public Policy (MPP) student, the Hertie School of Governance, Germany

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