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Public policy development can be pretty complex and there is a host of theoretical frameworks out there that just add to the complexity.

At the Centre for Public Impact, we’ve developed bespoke material that aims to equip the policymakers of the future with the right knowledge and tools to design and deliver impactful policies.

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To help simplify the policy process, we’ve developed the Public Impact Fundamentals, a tried and tested, simple, practical tool that can be used to improve the impact of public policies.

We’ve taught our Public Impact Fundamentals framework at public policy universities, governments, public sector organisations and foundations all over the world.

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I enjoyed learning a simple approach that will mean I can design impactful policies in my future career in government

Masters in Public Policy (MPP) student

The Hertie School of Governance, Germany

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If you’d like to discover a new way to analyse public policy and get your hands on practical tools that you or your students can use now, then get in touch with us. Our framework for public impact is being used all over the world, we’d love to share it with you too.

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  • The Public Impact Fundamentals

    To help guide you from idea to impact, we’ve developed the Public Impact Fundamentals, a tried and tested, simple and effective way to help you understand the determinants of policy success and how to increase the chances of achieving public impact.

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  • The Public Impact Observatory

    You can read about how governments are working to achieve public impact from our extensive database of case studies from all over the world. We call it the Public Impact Observatory.

    Using real-life stories, the Observatory shows you how well a policy is performing on each of the Public Impact Fundamentals – Legitimacy, Policy & Action.

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