The best of 2017 – highlights from CPI’s conversations around the world

Welcome to the Centre for Public Impact Best of 2017 podcast. Here, we have selected clips from some of our most popular podcast conversations from the past 12 months.

You’ll hear from Beth Blauer, Executive Director of GovEx, who explains why data is so critical to improving public services. Dr Vanessa Kerry, meanwhile, talks about why she established Seed Global Health, an organisation which helps provide nursing and medical training support in resource-limited countries. We also hear from Frances O’Grady, who heads up the UK’s Trades Union Congress – where Brexit and the need for a new deal for working people in the UK were just a couple of the items on the agenda.

As the former head of Amnesty International’s youth programme for Africa and the first African student with a disability to be accepted into Oxford University Eddie Ndopu has quite a story to tell, as does US digital leader Aaron Snow, who helped  set up 18F, the 200-person digital agency at the heart of the US government.

And Lokman Hakim Bin Ali and Noah Raford know a thing or two about achieving public impact. Lokman tells us about Malaysia’s success in engaging 1.7 million young people around its plan for the future of the country, and Noah explains exactly what he does as “futurist in chief” of the Dubai Future Foundation.


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