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Stephanie Santos

Interim Manager, Ethics, Lobbyist Disclosure, and Public Records Programs, Office of Risk Management Services


Hello! My name is Stephanie Santos.

As the youngest and scrappiest of three kids, the fruit of a community rooted in tenacity and resilience, I am no stranger to challenging the status quo.

I went to college and had a few jobs, but you will want to know me as a practice partner. One that keeps you grounded in purpose, lovingly calls you in, and refuses to allow you to be less than who you want to be. Be you an individual or an organization. I am a human-focused human. I insist that we, as policy makers and power wielders in government, remember that there are real people impacted by our every keystroke and that we have a duty to do-right by the communities we serve, especially to those for whom our institutions were designed to work against.

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